About Us

Don Quante, founder and President of MillionDollarAdvisor.com,  has spent the last 30 years becoming the national “go-to” expert for crisis long-term care planning and creative pre-planning long-term care strategies. 

He is the author of the book Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home. Don co-hosted a radio show called Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise and is a nationally acclaimed speaker and trainer on the topic of long-term care. 

Don has conducted more than 500 public workshops and trained over 1800 advisors. His writing and speaking services have offered hope to thousands of families across the country faced with making decisions about long-term care planning and caregiving. 

 While most advisors spend most of their time trying to be all things to all people, Don Quante has quietly built a multi-million dollar financial planning practice. He consistently produces more than $1,000,000 of new revenue each year by taking advantage of a little known marketing principle that he calls “swim upstream marketing”. Do the exact opposite of what everyone else does.

This strategy has served him well by allowing him to qualify for the Million-Dollar Roundtable’s prestigious Top of the Table award as a lifetime member. Currently, less than 1% of financial advisors worldwide reach this milestone.

By positioning his firm as the only choice for financial solutions dealing with crisis long-term care and pre-planning, he has successfully dominated his market. He regularly sees 4 to 6 new families each day. In many cases, these families drive past 20 to 30 financial planners to see Don.

Most recently, Don spends his time educating independent agents, advisors, RIAs, and Broker/Dealers. He focuses on addressing the importance of the Pension Protection Act with their clients and new alternative long-term care products that are available.

As 8,000 baby boomers turn 65 each day, the number of lawsuits brought by boomers against their advisors is skyrocketing. The largest number of lawsuits center around advisors failing to advise the boomer’s parents on the topic of long-term care. 

By following Don’s system, Broker/Dealers and RIAs can help their advisors turn this potentially career-ending problem into a million-dollar opportunity.

If you are interested in helping your advisors avoid these pitfalls and increase GDC, fees, and commissions, then have Don speak at your next conference.

For a full list of topics and speaker fee schedule, please call (800) 800-6004.